President’s Message

Jeffrey Wayne, M.D.
President, Illinois Surgical Society

Welcome to the Illinois Surgical Society (ISS). The ISS was founded as a platform to allow its members exposure to unique learning opportunities and opportunities for lifelong friendships. Personally, I have found the ISS invaluable as a resource to meet with surgeons from throughout the state, with whom I might not normally interact. Membership provides the opportunity to network with colleagues and their families at premier resort locations throughout the mid-west. Thera are also numerous opportunities for young surgeons to serve in positions of leadership.

Throughout its long history the ISS has been exceptional in providing a “wet lab” to view live procedures. This session will now be improved with edited videos discussed by the operating surgeon with Q&A, giving an invaluable learning experience. We can expect this at our next spring meeting.

We just completed our second annual combined Illinois Surgical conference. This joint meeting of Illinois Surgical and four other surgical organizations continues to be a great success. The new format expands the value of membership with enhanced number of surgical experts and the latest in research and quality improvements.
Your membership in the ISS will strengthen our collective voice, which is essential in this rapidly evolving health care environment. Our society understands the needs of all surgeons from all perspectives and can help you maximize your impact on future care.
Serving on the board of Governors and as an officer of the ISS has been a highlight of my professional life. If you do not belong, I encourage you to consider membership and I hope to see you at our future meetings.

With very best regards,
Jeff Wayne, MD, FACS